Frequently asked questions

What is the general point of your metaverse?

We want to show that you can create a whole life inside our METAWORLD, a similar metaverse does not yet exist

Do NFTs give privileges in the game?

Yes, weapons and characters with skins give special skills and talents to players

How can I access the beta version?

Only our partners, employees and testers have access to the beta version at the moment, if you are one of them, we will gladly give you the access code

When will be the official release of the game?

At the moment we are in the last stages of development and very soon you will be able to see our metaverse

I want to support the project, how can I do it?

Please also contact us by mail:

How can I find all the team members in the project?

You can go to our Whitepaper and find the "team" tab where almost all of our team members are located